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Currently, I’m in the process of potentially moving to a new apartment. I’m kind of in limbo as the apartment manager is processing my paperwork and I’m waiting to sign the new lease (fingers crossed!) I’m really anxious, excited, happy, and nervous about getting everything ready to go. Right now one of the few things I can do is sort my belongings into three categories: donate, keep, and trash. I’m also packing right now. Some of the thoughts going through my mind are: 1) Will I have enough room for all my stuff? 2) I have uncertainty about how to effectively and safely pack my items. 3) Will I have enough energy and time to get everything ready for moving day?
Logistics for moving day are difficult since I’ve never moved before on my own so thank goodness my friends have moved before. Thinking ahead and making a plan is good to do beforehand. Having a time, date, and a meeting place is pertinent. I will have the boxes labeled according to what room they go into and I will also assign a room to each person as far as which boxes to take. I will also talk to my new landlord about moving procedures so I know where we can park and if there are any specific instructions regarding my moving in. I’ll also ask my landlord where the best pizza places are in town since I plan on providing lunch for my friends. I also plan on having some cash for gas money for my friends or at least offering.
Those are the details about physically packing and getting ready to move but there’s also the mental part. I’m hoping to keep a positive attitude; I will take breaks as needed but I will also keep moving every day. I will make progress but I won’t be thrown off if there’s a setback. I will remind myself that I can do this and that I have friends and family that can help me if I have problems. I will also tell myself that I’m excited and that this is a new adventure. I will keep a list of what I need to do, when I need to do it, and cross each task off when completed. I will be my own cheerleader and I will celebrate all my accomplishments.
I can and I will accomplish this moving process. I will have a plan that I will stick to and a positive, happy attitude that will help me accomplish my goals. I will be grateful for this new opportunity and my friends who will help me along the way. As always, best wishes to my readers in setting and achieving your goals.

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