Lyft to Public Transportation

By Khylil

With all so much traveling this year, it has made me a more socially aware person. Still, I don’t have that much skill of talking to others; I am rather the person who does sightseeing and will occasionally break off into conversation if I do see something of interest (song, clothing, or landmark, etc.). So when I see something interesting when I am on a trip, I would usually keep it short or just go to sleep (depending on who I ride with). Now when it comes down to Uber/Lyfts this can come in various fashions, whether its to be social, to deal with distance or to become comfortable with alternate locations. This is my experience with riding Uber/Lyft— from the perspective of WHEN I go on uber and public transportation, WHERE I go and WHO I talk to.

The avatar for ASDNext blogger Ziggie has his name and a vibrantly colored image of a sunset over an ocean.I want to begin by talking about the WHEN on my Uber/Lyft trips. I usually like to do them during the early morning or during midday … it’s ever so rare that I do it during later times (9 pm – 6 am) because I don’t want to be outside around those times. But if I were to be out around those times, I would be with my friends and would be provided a ride to my destination. I don’t find reasons to travel at night as much because 1) Most places I am thinking about going to are already closed 2) Depending on the time of night, it can be very dangerous and I don’t want to take that risk depending on where I am going.

As for the places (or the WHERE) that are opened and that I travel to would usually be my job or someplace that is convenient for me. I don’t consistently go to certain spots on an everyday basis with Uber/Lyft because I find it cheaper for me to take public transportation, but sometimes I am in a crunch and need to get myself there using an Uber/Lyft. If I want to go to places that don’t involve a certain time to show up, then I would take public transportation. I personally feel as though that Uber trips are for getting from Point A to Point B if it’s to get to somewhere important, and I know that may not be true for all, it is how I feel about riding Uber/Lyft.

When I am taking certain trips, I decide if I want to take comfy solo trips or take the cheaper pool trips. Pool trips or comfy trips, WHOever is in the car, I don’t talk much when I am heading to my destination. Whenever I do talk, I prefer to do it on solo trips with the driver than with a group of people trying to make it to their destination. There’s just something about getting in a small car full of strangers versus getting on a bus/train full of strangers. If I am on an Uber, then I would feel most comfortable talking to just the driver because I am expected to get from point A to point B with them. However, when I am on the bus (if I was on by myself) then I would just read a book or doodle on my phone just to kill time. One experience I had with Uber, there was a mess up on the map when the driver was taking me on my way home. I pinned my house address on the map and the Uber driver saw that it was a nearby spot.  Something like that requires talking because the system gave out the wrong location. So when I need to have a conversation, I do.

Either way, I don’t really have a preference for how I want to ride to get to the place. I just prefer any form of public transportation because I think it’s cheaper for me, but at the same time, there are some times where both can be risky! So whatever it takes to travel from place to place, always remember to be safe and enjoy your trips!