January is National Hobby Month

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January is national hobby month . Which is so cool because I’ve decided to focus on my hobby more of crocheting specifically making Amigurumi. Is a Japanese term for knitted or crocheted stuffed objects they can be any size or shape. Part of the reason I’m so excited is because I happened upon website called the loopy lamb. Where they’re doing a Advent project where they release a pattern week for many months to get ready for the December holidays. I tend to get impatient and want to be able to do things faster so I looked at last year’s Advent project which it was a crochet doll and her wardrobe. I already finished the doll and I’m working on her wardrobe right now. I plan on giving the doll and her wardrobe as a gift later this year to a family member.

This hobby is so good for me because I feel excited to learn new things at my own pace, I feel successful when I complete a project and it’s a good way to relax. I also feel like it keeps my brain active and engaged because there’s always something new to learn or a new technique to master. I don’t think there’s any point in which I will feel like I’m the best I could be if you know what I mean. I also feel pretty good about this because I’ve got all the supplies and everything I need so I don’t need to buy anything else. 
The only downside with my passionate about my crocheting is it can be really easy to not want to do anything else other than crochet. Since I am at home working it can be easy to get distracted. I have to remind myself that Crocheting is for after I get my work done and my household tasks not instead of those activities. I can also be really easy to spend money on a hobby because you think ooh that’s so much fun or that’s exciting or I need it or want it. So I have to be really careful about spending money on my hobbies since it’s too easy to spend more than I planned.
What are you excited about this year? What would you like to learn about or learn how to do? I really hope you take the opportunity to either try a new hobby or get reconnected with an old interest. I was reading an article and it said that January is a great time to start a new pastime or project since sometimes there’s a New Year’s decrease in price on some of the objects you may want to purchase. Best of luck in your new hobbies are old in the year of 2023

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