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I’m sitting outside enjoying the warm weather and listening to the birds sing. The sky is very blue and there are very few clouds. I can hear and see the tree branches moving in the wind. I’m currently keeping my nephew company while his family is away for a few days. I’m so happy to spend time with him and get to know him better. I haven’t spent much time with him for many years. As expected, he has changed since I last saw him. He is taller and his hair is shorter too.

I have always loved him for being himself. He doesn’t try to pretend to be someone else. He is good at accepting himself without worrying about what other people think. I’m proud of the young man he is and is becoming. He is hardworking, honest, smart, and a good person. He is really good about doing his schoolwork and doing it independently. He has so far asked for very little of me.

The other reason I’m housesitting is my sister’s family has dogs and cats that need to be taken care of during the time they’re away. The cats are playful and will try to get me to feed them by meowing at me. The dogs love going outside in the backyard, and they love to have toys thrown to them. They’re not very good at bringing the items back since they enjoy being chased. One of the dogs has a thick coat and likes to be brushed a lot. Every day I do housework, pet care, and check in on my nephew. So far, I have enjoyed staying at my sister’s house and being responsible for keeping things organized. It’s nice to get away from my place and spend time doing different things.

Have you ever gotten the chance to stay somewhere else? What did you think about it? What did you like or dislike about the experience? Did you try anything new or different? This is definitely different for me since I have never stayed at my sister’s house without her being here. So far, I think this housesitting visit has gone well. As always, best wishes to all of my readers in their endeavors.

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