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So far, I haven’t missed the sugary drinks and food which seems a bit weird to me. I thought for sure I would be craving the added sugar by now. I used to drink a sweetened coffee a few times each week for the last few years. I really used to enjoy getting them and would look forward to drinking them on a regular basis. These days I find myself having to think about what I drink and eat every day so I need to plan ahead more with some introspection. This stopping to think takes time and energy to do. I’m hoping this will become more routine after a while.

I have made a couple of changes like eating at the kitchen table instead of eating elsewhere like on the couch. I’m keeping track of what I eat every day using my Weight Watchers app. I try to wait a bit before eating and think about if I am truly hungry before I start eating. I’m eating breakfast most mornings. I stopped buying desserts from the bakery section. I’m drinking a lot more tea and water. I’m also trying to move more during the day by taking steps more often instead of the elevator.

So far, I’m going strong, but it hasn’t been that long since I began these changes in my life. I have many reasons to stick to these changes for the long term. Most importantly, I want to feel better, both physically and mentally. Poor diet affects my physical and mental well-being. Losing weight and achieving a smaller clothing size means I have more options when I go clothing shopping. Losing weight will help me stay cooler in the summer. I do enjoy getting praised for losing weight by my friends and family. I also think I will like getting my picture taken more often and I will find it easier to look at photos of me instead of dreading it.

Starting healthier habits is now part of my life going forward. I can’t just lose the weight and go back to the way I used to live. I need to remember that every day is an opportunity for success. Thank you for reading this blog; I hope it inspires you to make healthier choices for your life as well.

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