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Haircut Misadventures

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When I feel like the world is out of control for me, I usually have the tendency to do something that’s impulsive and not that well thought out. I have a lot of things going on and I don’t feel like I have very good control over some of the things currently.
So, the other evening I got out a pair of scissors and started to cut my hair. I had done it in the past and nothing really bad had happened so I wasn’t expecting anything to be different this time. However, this morning I decided that I needed to get rid of more hair. I started cutting and I realized during the process of cutting that I should stop. Stopping was hard because it was fun to cut my hair and it was stress-relieving. When I finally stopped, I looked at my hair and I said, “Oh no, I need to get a proper haircut now!”
As a result, I’m hiding my hair under a hat, hoping nobody notices how I really messed up my hair. I’m going to need to go to the closest hair salon and get a quick fix for my hair before anybody notices. So why did I do this? I was stressed and it feel good in the moment and I wasn’t thinking ahead. I wish I’d use different coping mechanisms (of which I have plenty), but when I’m really stressed, I find myself repeating less constructive habits. For me, breaking bad habits means using less negative habits to replace them but that takes a lot of repetition and practice. It takes follow through when I say I want to do something differently instead of the old way and it doesn’t feel natural for a long time. It takes practice, patience, and time before the new coping mechanism feels as natural as the old.
So maybe next time instead of cutting my hair, I’ll brush my hair instead. I could also do chores, like cleaning in the bathroom or washing dishes since that would keep my hands occupied and my mind busy. If you were giving me advice, what else would you suggest as a better means of keeping myself occupied instead of cutting my hair? What would you do if you were me? What do you do when you’re stressed and anxious? Does what you do help or make things worse?
Life is such a learning adventure and I never seem to stop having new experiences. I’m hoping in a few months I’ll be a little bit less embarrassed and hopefully have a better looking haircut. The good news is my hair does grow pretty fast and I’m not stuck the way I look right now. What I know for sure is things are usually not as bad as I think they are, especially if I can take a deep breath and distance myself from it. I hope you found this somewhat helpful, maybe a bit funny, or at least a good distraction. As always, best wishes to the readers in all their future endeavors.