Group activity, or go solo? It’s hard to decide!

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I’ve shared about activities in the past, and how important they are to me. What I haven’t shared is how I decide if I want to include others, or to do them by myself. I’m learning that there are real benefits to both – it’s all in how you handle it!

An activity alone can relieve stress or give you time to reflect on something. An activity with a group can help you practice your social skills, pick up new tips, and open yourself up to new friendships. Whether or not I am open to including others in my activities often depends on how I feel. If I’m in a good mood and someone wants to join me in watching Titanic (best movie EVER) or going out for breakfast, I’m like, “Heck Yeah! The more the merrier!”.

If I’m in a bad mood or feeling anxious and would rather be alone, I have to remember to be honest, but also be polite and kind at the same time. Here’s an example: Let’s say I came home from a really bad day at work and everyone in my family is getting ready to watch a movie (one of my favorite activities). I have to remember to be honest. Be polite. Be considerate of everyone’s feelings. So, I say something like; “I appreciate it guys, but I’ve had a bad day and kind of want to be alone for a little”. This is important because they know I’m not mad at them and they give me the space I need.

In this example, my mom later came into my room and suggested I maybe join the family but bring my crocheting. So, it is possible to be with your friends or family, while also doing my own thing quietly! It turns out, being all alone in my room isn’t always the best way to turn a bad mood around! I found a way to be a part of my family TV Time while also keeping to myself without chatting too much (sometimes during tv time I talk too much lol 🙂 It’s easy to fall into the habit of being alone. But before you decide, try to find ways to let people in. You might catch yourself having a really nice time.

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