Great Things Never Came from Comfort Zones

By Sarah Matincheck

I believe that a job or career is a big part of achieving whatever you desire to have in life. You can earn your own money, learn a new skill set, and meet interesting people. 


I’ve shared a few times that I currently work at a retirement home as a dietary aid. I help serve food and drinks to the residents and act almost like a waitress. Like so many places, the nursing home has been very short-staffed lately. I’ve been covering many extra shifts over the past few weeks; It’s nice to have a quiet morning to be able to write and share some of what’s been going on in my world.


Working as a dietary aid at the Home over these past two years has given me the skills of being patient, having a positive attitude, a good memory, and I have been able to increase my social skills as well…. This all makes me excited to challenge myself and learn more! I can’t help but wonder if there were any other jobs I could do where I can try. So, I looked online, submitted an application at Target – After an interview, they offered me a job!  


Target is a little bit farther of a drive from my home, but they seem to have fair pay, flexible hours, and other benefits. Starting next week, I will be a storefront greeter and clean the carts when they are done being used by the customers. I don’t plan to leave my current job at the nursing home – I plan to do both jobs because let’s face it, there’s the possibility the environment at Target may not be a good match for me. Target can be crowded, very bright, and a little noisy. Over the course of a shift, that may make me a bit anxious. So, I have a plan! I plan to work both jobs part-time, and then be able to consider which is the best match for me, with the added benefit of learning new things!  Whether or not this works out, I’m excited either way because I’ve accomplished independently applying, interviewing for, and accepting a job offer!


The way I see it, challenging yourself with something like a new job can’t be a bad thing – it’s an exciting thing! You get to learn new things, make money and maybe even some new friends. 


My future feels bright!


That’s all I have for now anyway, until next time 🙂