Grandparents – A special connection

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I believe grandparents are as necessary to growing up as vitamins. Growing up me and my sister Jessica would spend most of our summer days together with our grandparents. We’d swim in the pool and go on walks and Pap would cook amazing food on his charcoal grill. Friday nights we’d spend the night at their house watching cartoons, laughing, talking, and sharing stories together.

I was a very shy child and I have always preferred to spend my free time with my family, but especially my grandparents. I’ve always had a special relationship with my grandmother, she’s almost like my first journal. I would share her things with her often and always feel better afterwards, and still do to this day. Even now, I spend many of my days off with my Nan and Pap – No big plans really. Just watching tv, talking, shopping, or going out to eat. Being in their company, I always feel completely accepted, relaxed and happy.

My point is, I am blessed with such amazing grandparents who are also my best friends, and my biggest fans. I have come to realize that it’s very important to have a special bond with someone. Whether it be a parent, sister, a cousin, or even your pet. I really believe that these special people in my life are the reason I love and accept myself, and the reason I keep my confidence and spirits high even on days that are frustrating.

I think everyone should make it a point to have someone they can talk to about the things that are on their mind. Everyone needs something stable to hang on to—a connection, a sense of their own past, a hope for their own future. Whenever I talk to my nanny, I feel as if a giant boulder has been lifted off my shoulders, and it feels so nice.

That’s all I have for now, see ya👋

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