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 I was really worried about getting COVID-19 since I had more risk with being overweight. I thought there was an elevated chance of complications either short-term or long-term from COVID-19. What really worries me is hearing about the people who have long-term problems from getting the virus. I have enough things that I need to deal with without adding possible long-term effects from the virus. I also didn’t want to infect anybody else if I got the virus. This was part of the reason why I was excitedly waiting for my turn to get the COVID-19 vaccination.
Why did I get the vaccination? I personally felt comfortable with the science. While this vaccination may be relatively new, the science that they used to make the vaccine isn’t brand new according to what I read. I know that they’ve been researching how to make vaccines for viruses similar to this in the past, which made it possible for them to be much faster making this vaccine.
Being worried about catching the virus was stressful for me and increased my social anxiety. Interacting with other people is hard for me so not being vaccinated was one more stressor. I also live in a building with lots of older people, some of whom have compromised immune systems which sometimes means they can’t get the vaccine at all. I wanted to be part of the solution of decreasing the likelihood that the virus would spread and mutate so I was glad to get the vaccine.
So what are the upsides of getting the vaccine? Decreased social anxiety, especially while engaging in social activities like grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and spending time in my community. I don’t have to wear my mask as often as there are places that I can take it off with other people. I also don’t feel as nervous about my own health since the likelihood of getting the virus has drastically decreased since I got the vaccine. It also wasn’t that big of a deal; it was easy to get and it didn’t cost me anything. Another unexpected bonus is that I can give my friends and family hugs now; I missed getting closer to my friends and family. Not being able to hug my friends and family, (especially when we said goodbye) was hard for me.
There were a lot of reasons for me to get the COVID-19 vaccination and I feel good about it. I feel more secure about my future. I wanted to explain why I got the vaccination and how it made me feel more comfortable. You may or may not agree with me but those are my reasons. I hope that my blog was helpful. Wishing the best to all my readers.

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