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I am writing about the movies that I love to watch for the month of March. Out of a long list of movies that I see, I only have a few that I love. One of those movies happens to be Meet the Robinsons. That is one of my favorite Disney Movies of all time. I love it because there is a lesson that goes with it other than it being funny. The lesson is that no matter how many times you fail at something you just keep moving forward. Don’t give up because you succeed by learning from your failures. If you’ve seen the movie, frequently they use the slogan Keep Moving Forward. In fact, there was a quote from Walt Disney at the end of the movie that says “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we are curious…. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” I love that quote. One thing that makes me laugh from the movie is the dinosaur with the big head and little arms. The dog with the glasses also makes me laugh.

I also love watching the 2019 film, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood with Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers. I love that movie because I like Mister Rogers and it is a very good movie with a life lesson. I used to watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a child so that is part of the reason it’s my favorite movie. My favorite part in the movie is when everyone on the New York subway is singing the theme song to Mister Rogers’ program. I have watched that movie about a million times and never get tired of it. The setting takes place in both New York City and Pittsburgh. I always wanted to know how it feels being in Pittsburgh and would love to go there. I didn’t know until I started watching the movie that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was filmed in Pittsburgh.

I am going to list one more movie that I love and that is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. I didn’t see it when it first came out but did watch it the first time when I was in school. I was a freshman in high school and during study hall, the teacher put on a movie and that was when I first fell in love with it. To this day I still love watching it. I have also watched it a million times and will never stop loving it. I love candy and I love Tim Burton films, so it is one of my favorites. The movie has kind of a dark twisted vibe to it which is why some people may not like the movie and prefer the original version, but I love it. I think the reason some people like the original version of Willy Wonka or the 2005 film is the fact that it’s dark and creepy. Also, some of the scenes are kind of creepy but that’s understandable. The Oompa Loompas and the flashbacks are frightening somewhat too.

I love watching movies because it’s something relaxing to do. I could sit here and give out a whole list of movies I watch and love, but I was only going to name a few because I didn’t want to go long winded. I have listed about 3 of them and talked about why they are my favorite and what they are about. When I watch movies, I like to have a snack with them sometimes. Thank you for letting me talk about my favorite films and I hope you enjoy the post. Have a good day.

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