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 I was thinking about Father‘s Day this year and I realized I have never written a blog about Father‘s Day. I have written about lots of different topics, perhaps because they were easier to write about. It’s sometimes difficult for me to organize my thoughts into something that makes sense. It may be due to the fact I have so many different thoughts and feelings right now.
These days I have more unstructured time and flexibility regarding how I spend my free time. I have been spending more time with my Dad drinking coffee in his backyard watching the birds at bird feeders. We have more time to talk about what’s going on and our viewpoints on current events. We sometimes disagree with each on certain things but I think it’s good to have these discussions even if we don’t agree with each other all the time. I’m so glad that I gotten to spend so much time with him lately. I’m so grateful to get know my Dad as an adult. I’m especially glad that I know he’s happy and doing well. I had known fathers are important but spending time with my Dad has driven that home for me.
Having my Dad in my life is important to me even as a adult. His importance to me didn’t end when I turned into a young adult. Part of the reason I’m such a happy, heathy person is because of close relationship with my Dad.
 I was looking on the web for information regarding the importance of fathers’ involvement in their adult children’s lives and could not find anything. I wish I could have found information to base my feeling on the importance  of men as dads. For me, he is my biggest fan, a sounding board, a friend and much more. He takes time to listen to me about my life. He is also involved in my siblings lives too. He also is a great  grandfather to his grandchildren. I feel strongly that fathers are important valued people and that it’s a lifetime role.
Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, teen or adult, having a positive male father figure is important for healthy relationships and in general, just being healthier. I’m lucky enough to have my biological dad as my mentor and support system but I believe that is important for everyone to have somebody fill that role of a father figure. I would love to see more information, especially concrete lists that are easy to understand regarding why we need positive, healthy, male father figures.
To me, a positive male father role model is someone who’s there paying attention and actively involved in their children’s lives and trying their best to be the best they can be. He is not a  perfect person or dad, and that’s okay; nobody is “perfect!”
I wanted to thank my Dad and all fathers everywhere this Father‘s Day. Again, thank you for being there for me, and I look forward to getting to spend more quality time together, learning more about each other as adults and growing our bond.

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