Driven to Distraction

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I get so overwhelmed with the number of ideas that are constantly running through my mind at any given time. I’m often distracted by what’s going on in my head as it makes it hard to concentrate. Because of this, it’s often a struggle for me to complete any task or project. In fact even writing this blog was a bit of a process since I have so many things going on around me and inside my brain. Yes, I do have difficulty focusing since I’m constantly switching my focus and attention. For example, the music in the background, the reflection in the window and watching the people walking by me are all distracting, making it tough to focus. All these and more capture my awareness so easily that it takes more effort to keep composing this blog.

I know lots of other person have similar issues but it can be a problem . I’m constantly having to use energy to block the bombardment of sensory stimulation. I have to frequently bring myself back to my task which means it takes me longer to do stuff. It’s not that I’m bored, it’s just the way my mind works for me. On the other hand, I can be so involved in something that I find myself hours later still working on the same project. It can be hard to predict if I will be distracted or focused.

Due to the unpredictable nature of my ability to concentrate, I try to give myself more time to complete any project. I’m really not good at breaking a complex task into smaller, more easily understood steps. I sometimes ask my friend to help me plan ahead and break down things I don’t comprehend. I try to put aside small chunks of time to work in a distraction-free environment. Limiting myself to preselected working periods also makes it harder to overdo it or get overwhelmed. I have a tendency to work too hard, then I get tired and quit before I’be completed my project or task.

Even with the best of intentions I’m not always successful and that’s okay. Life happens and sometimes i can’t always finish what I start. I’m not perfect and learning how to make the most of my abilities is important to me. Learning how to accept myself as I am while continuing to grow is a lifelong process.

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I was diagnosed at a young age and went through the special education system in public schools. Family is incredibly important to me as I grew up in a large supportive family. I enjoy being outside in nature and arts and crafts.

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