Dreams, Goals, and Fulfilling Them

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In this blog post, I hope to share my dreams and the goals I set for myself to achieve these dreams, along with how much they mean to me. For the past few years, I have wanted to try different things, especially things that I have not been able to do before, so I gave myself some “homework”. The “homework” I gave myself was to write a few goals, making sure they were attainable, and ones I wanted to do. One of these few goals was to be a blogger, among others.

Before I became a blogger, I wanted to be a writer. However, I never knew where to start or what to write about. I wanted to be a published writer, even going far back to write this in my old journals and diaries. This never happened because, at the time, I considered it an unrealistic and unattainable dream to have. To be a published writer, you need not just commitment, but follow through, something I admit I struggle with to this day. Concentration and time are also big, important things for writing, which sometimes I unfortunately don’t have enough of. Then April 2023 happened, right before Easter, I was given the opportunity to write for Penn State and ASDNext. I had to wait a few months to officially start the blogging job, but it was worth it. Today I still write for them and I feel grateful about that because not only was it a dream to be a writer but it is a goal I feel successful in. Being a blogger for Penn State gives me the opportunity to express myself and allow me to say what comes to mind without pressure. I love my job as a blogger and hope I can continue writing for them.

Another goal that I had was going to the Hersheypark Arena, exploring it as I have never seen the inside before. I pass by it a lot as I walk through Hershey Park and I am always curious as to what goes on in that historic gem of a building, even though I’m not big on hockey. The Arena stopped hosting large events back in April 2002, so I missed an opportunity to go there. For my 31st birthday, I wanted to take a tour through it, but I was unsuccessful in going inside due to needing to request a tour prior, only managing to get pictures outside of the Arena. That is one goal I’m hoping to still achieve in this new year, as I have always wanted to learn the history because I love seeing historic buildings and there is so much you could learn from them.

Another goal had been to learn how to cook and bake. It took me until I turned 30 to learn how to cook because I never really wanted to actually cook. As I said before with writing, it takes concentration and time, things I didn’t have the patience for and did not care to learn at the time. I did not have the interest in it at the time. Now I cook and bake a variety of different foods ranging from cookies to making stuffing as part of the Thanksgiving meal. Just recently, I baked an apple-pie upside-down Bundt cake for our family’s Thanksgiving dessert and my family ate that pretty quickly. It didn’t even make it to 2 days. Each day I find myself looking up recipes to try and I keep seeing success after success, to the point where everyone in my family asks me to make the same food again because I actually can cook good food in the kitchen. I will eventually share my recipe for apple-pie upside-down Bundt cake with you all but that will be February’s blog, as this is about my goals.

A fourth and final goal is making more friends. It’s good to have friends you can spend time with and talk to as I said in my last blog post. I have been wanting a group of friends for years but it’s always hard making friends, especially finding ones that are the right friends. There are good friends and bad friends, and it took years for me to realize how difficult it was to find the right ones for me. I found good friends last back in March of 2022 and since then I feel grateful, they are in my life. Once you find friends you love and care about, everything changes and it took me a while to realize this, and I have since came to love this.

This blog was made to show that you are never too old to find a goal or two to set for yourself, that nothing is impossible if you want to do something that you think is important for yourself. If you are wondering about the picture above, that is the Hersheypark Arena. I took pictures back in November but couldn’t upload them on my laptop, so I had to find a picture of it on the web. Thank you for taking time to read this post and hope you too find time to fulfill your goals. Have a good day.


Annie Snow

Annie is 30 years and old and eager to gain blogging experience. She’s also an aspiring artist learning to make jewelry and other crafts with the hopes of one day sharing her creations with the world online. Annie’s a hard worker and is always there for her family, whether it’s helping out around the house or just curling up on the couch with them and their pets for some relaxation and bonding. You can always count on her to quote movie lines just to make you laugh or to learn new recipes to share delicious food and baked goods with you.

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