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When most people think of colors, they tend to have an emotion or feeling that they feel each color represents. For example, I believe for many, Red=Anger, Green=Envy, Blue=Calmness.

It recently occurred to me that the feelings or emotions that I associate with colors may be different than what others do. That’s why I was inspired to write this blog, to share what each color means to me.

Red: Red to me, mostly means Bold, Confident. Instead of anger, for me, red has a sense of leadership and confidence. Like when a matador uses a red cape to tease the bull, he’s confident in his actions and movements.

Orange: Orange to me means Safe. I always see construction cones/hazard signs and they’re almost ALWAYS orange. Orange is like the headlights of a car shining in the night. They are lit so oncoming cars/people can see the car ahead of time and be cautious.

Yellow: Yellow to me represents a energy. Possibly due to the warmth of the sun shining on my face when I take my walks. I feel more energized whenever the sun is out than I would on a cloudy/rainy day.

Green: Green makes me think of nature and being outdoors. I believe most people think of greed or jealousy with green. But for me, the color green is a relaxing color that represents life.

Blue: Blue is a gentle and kind color that makes me think of the beautiful sky, the calming ocean, and a hopeful chance of a great and perfect day.

Purple: Purple to me represents Courage and Bravery. On a television show I learned that there is a special award people who serve in the military are sometimes presented with called a Purple Heart. Purple Hearts are given to soldiers who are injured in the line of duty.

White: For me, White is a creative blank slate. Mostly because I believe that the angels are the ones who make the clouds look like cats, dogs, boats and other fun things now and then – So that we can look up from our screens, step outside, and let our minds wander.

Black: Black honestly makes me think of Worry, or negative thoughts. Possibly because you tend to see people in mourning wearing black, or in cartoons some characters have little black clouds over their heads “raining on their parade”. A few years ago, I’d walk home from dance class – it was often dark out on my walk home – Wearing a black leotard or leggings I felt “unseen” in the dark, and a sense of worry.

I wonder – Does everyone have a different opinion on how each color represents them and their emotions based on their memories and experiences?

I share this part of how I see things and hope that it encourages others to consider seeing and sharing their feelings in a different way. You can wear a certain color and share your feelings quietly without bringing too much attention towards yourself, or you can wear other colors and share your feelings in a bold way, with a little more flair. It’s up to you!

That’s all I’ve got for today…..I hope you enjoy and have a great day!


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