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Category: Transportation

Find My Ride PA Website

This is a website that was developed by the PA Dept. of Transportation and is being piloted currently. Its purpose is to help individuals plan for their transportation needs in an easier, more user friendly way.

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Guidance Concerning Air Travelers with Developmental Disabilities

This document is a guide to the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) with respect to passengers with developmental disabilities. It serves as a brief but authoritative source of information for passengers with developmental disabilities as well as airlines about the services, facilities, and accommodations required by the ACAA and the provisions of Part 382.

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Public Transportation Social Stories

This is a collection of social stories that explain how to use different types of public transportation that were created by ASERT.

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Traffic Stop – What to Expect Social Story

These social stories were created by ASERT to describe the various aspects of a traffic stop and what to expect for individuals with autism.

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What to Do if You Get Pulled Over

This resource developed by ASERT helps individuals know what to do if they get pulled over by the police.

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