The Butterfly Effect

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A “Butterfly Effect” is when one small event can alter what you do greatly. I experienced one myself not too long ago. While on a walk enjoying the new chill in the air, I decided to take a break and go on the swings to relax and have fun. It was nice listening to my music, swinging, and having fun. But as I tried to stop the swing with my feet, my right ankle turned in sharply. It hurt a lot! I immediately loosened the laces on my shoes and looked at my ankle. I couldn’t see anything wrong so I decided to keep going with my walk. But as I started to move, I felt a sharp pain in my foot and sat back down on the swings. I had to call my grandmother to come and get me to drive me home. At home, I sat in my bed and had ice on my ankle. I felt like an idiot for getting myself hurt like that, and my mind went to the “Butterfly Effect”. 

After a few hours, my ankle was very swollen and I couldn’t stand on it, so my mom took me for an x-ray. I was nervous. I was wondering “what if I broke my ankle?!”, “Will I need a cast?”, and “Will I be able to go to work tomorrow?”

It turns out, no broken bones! But I would need to wear a brace for a week, continue to ice my ankle, and use crutches until I feel comfortable walking without them. I even had to miss a whole week of work, which really upset me.  This one small twist in my ankle meant I wouldn’t be able to go to work, to drive, or even go on my walks, for the whole week!  This has been a huge change in my routine, but I know this sort of change is important – I am doing everything they told me to do so I can get better and get back to my routine again. I’m not happy I sprained my ankle, but part of me is a little happy to have the chance to spend more time with my family and relax. 

And as soon as I recover, I’m going to go back to work and help out every way I can. This sprained ankle has not stopped me. If anything, it’s given me the chance to rest up!

I’ll see you soon

Sarah Matincheck

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