The Benefits of Autism

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People may believe that having Autism is generally a bad thing, but there are some good traits that people with Autism possess that those without Autism may not. I was currently looking on my school iPad to see if Autism can give those on the spectrum any benefits, and it turns out that there are a few really good ones!  And after reading them, I was able to detect most of the 10 traits people with Autism carry that not all others have. One is that people with Autism rarely lie. I believe this to be true because of how those with Autism tend to worry about how any of their negative actions (such as lying) may affect their futures, and this results in a real value to the truth. Another is that people on the spectrum aren’t tied down to any social expectations in life, like fashion trends, hobbies, and so on. A person with Autism doesn’t feel the need to change, to fit in with everyone else. Another good trait is that people with Autism are often very good at remembering things, since most on the spectrum likely pay very close attention to detail; then, they’re able to remember things pretty well that others can’t remember. 

Did you know that people with Autism are often very passionate about things? Not all are alike but often are very driven and determined to do something, and they don’t stop never stop until they reach their goal – until they complete their task/chore.

These are a few examples of really good traits I’ve noticed in myself as someone growing up with Autism – as I go to school, to dance class, work, or visit with family.

There are other Autistic traits that I don’t quite understand that well yet, but I’m sure I’ll understand them when I’m older –
Wow, I never knew about there being those kinds of benefits! Sure, I’ve thought of them as being good qualities but what I didn’t know was that they were proven facts in the Autistic community.

It’s kind of cool seeing that I’m not the only one who’s experienced those kinds of things. And after seeing and experiencing some of the good traits that people with Autism (like me) have, I can say that I am very proud to have Autism. I get to see and remember the world in a totally different way that others can’t. I remember things more readily, I don’t feel the need to change myself, and I can sense certain feelings and emotions that others can’t. I don’t want to ever lose that kind of ability.

I just found another article – it’s a long one but it looks promising! But before I start reading it I just want to say that I’m so happy to have found out about all of these advantages. Some I’ve known about before and others are ones that I never heard of or even considered!!

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