Being in the Moment

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My head hurts from too much thinking. I sometimes get so excited about an idea that I start planning before I even know if the idea will even work out. I get involved in thinking what if and what then without any solid date that the first idea will even work. I think this is a common thing to do but I still stress myself out before I even know anything. I really need to stop and say to what do you know now. What can I do now? I need to break the cycle of what-if questions and replace it with a stop sign in my thoughts.

I need to center myself in the here and now. I need to look at my schedule and to-do list. I need to slow down and be grateful for the present moment. At this moment I’m taking a break, thinking about my breathing and taking slow big breaths. I’m listening to relaxing music. After a few minutes of this, I will look at my schedule to see what I need to get done next. I will try to stay in the moment regardless of what I’m doing. When I’m washing the dishes, sweeping, doing my daily chores, I will stay focused. I will try not to daydream about the past or future. I will concentrate on what I’m doing right now. I will be present in the everyday moments that make up my life.

If I can make a practice of what I said above, I will live a happier, less stressful existence. There are lots of names for what I’m talking about and it’s not a new line of thought. Many religions and schools of thought use what I’m talking about as an important principle to daily living. This is a very old idea, one of many helpful ideas that are still used today. Science backs what I’m saying too, that being fully in the moment is good for everyone and there are many health benefits. I believe by practicing being mindful of the present, I can decrease my stress and be healthier too.

I think it will take practice and effort every day before I can make this a new habit that I do daily. I will not always be successful but I think I really need to make the effort to change this part of my life. I’m tired of the extra unnecessary stress I’m putting myself through; I’m tired of being tired. I’m hoping little by little to take better care of myself. I believe that I’m responsible for taking care of myself and good mental habits are an important part of taking care of me.

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