Being a Kid at Heart

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Growing up you could always find me playing with a stuffed animal, a Barbie doll, or even watching an old Barbie movie (while playing with the Barbie doll, LOL).

While working at Target, if I find myself in the toy aisle it’s easy to remember myself as a little kid, being on my best behavior with my little sister so we could look at the toys. If we were really lucky, we’d get to pick one out (before we started getting an allowance).

Looking back at my worries from being a little girl to now being a young woman, I sometimes envy little kids. When I was younger, I only had to worry about my Barbie’s look, learning fractions and decimals, and having my lunchbox with me for school. Being an adult, I worry about money, my job, and when my car registration is due… grown-up stuff. If I had the chance to be a kid again for a year I’d be like “Heck yeah! Where do I sign up?”

I’m still a kid at heart. When it’s warm outside I walk in the wooded areas of our local high school track with my music playing. I’m able to be alone with my thoughts and daydream a little. I’m learning that everyone should enjoy the age they are. Find something to love about every stage of your life.

That’s all I’ve got for now, until then, I’ll be out living my life 🙂

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