I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!

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Ah Barbie…that classic blonde haired, blue eyed doll that almost all little girls had growing up – myself included. Here’s the thing, even though I am less than 5ft tall and have short brown hair, I can relate to Barbie – Because Barbie is a work in progress; she is constantly re-inventing and challenging herself!

When I was a little girl, I loved coming home from school and getting to play with my Barbies, and I let my imagination run wild. I’d have my doll be a princess, a superhero, a ninja, a ballerina…all kinds of things. I’d even tie string around her waist and make it look like she was flying through the air on a on a spy mission. Barbies were always a part of bath time – some nights the bathtub looked like a tsunami hit!

I’m not the only one in the family who grew up loving Barbie either. My mom’s grandmother had a huge collection of unopened Barbie dolls that lined the shelves of a room in her house. Her collection included Barbies of many nationalities (Mexican, Indian, Holland, etc.), and also ones like Mary Poppins, Viking Barbie, and Renaissance Princess Barbie. Whenever we visited, I was told “Do not open the Barbie boxes and don’t take the dolls out!” When I was little, I found it funny that someone my great grandmother’s age would have so many dolls, but why not? She’s a lady with big dreams too, right?

After seeing the Barbie movie, so many memories came back to me. I was just a kid playing with a bunch of dolls, but it turns out, they were a big part of my childhood. It was fun watching how much Barbie has changed from that blonde wearing a black & white bathing suit and sunglasses back in 1959. She is considered one of the classic Top 5 children’s toys to this day. And with good reason! She’s got a really impressive resume (Doctor, Teacher, Astronaut, Ballerina, etc.).

I also loved Barbie because of how she made me think of my own mother, a smart woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and suntan who does a lot. She’d always have a busy workday but, on the weekends, I remember her taking the time to play Barbies with me.

Barbie would make it seem that ANYTHING was possible. Even though I’m grown up now, I still love looking at the Barbie dolls at Target while on my breaks and seeing what new dream job she has! So, at 23 years old, I STILL hope to be like Barbie. I don’t mean by being tall and blond but by always reinventing myself and dreaming big.

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time 🙂

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