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Author: Jayde Nagle

Advocating for My Health During COVID-19

This resource developed by ASERT for AID in PA provides self-advocates with information on how they can advocate for their health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Be Well, Think Well: Calling Crisis Intervention Social Story

This social story provides a simple visual explanation of when you may need to call crisis intervention, and what to expect if you do.

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Be Well, Think Well: Recognizing and Managing Anxiety Social Stories

These social stories provide a simple visual explanation of what anxiety is, and ways to help manage anxiety.

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Changes in the Community

This resource provides information for individuals on changes they may experience when going back into the community due to COVID-19.

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How to Choose a College

This resource, developed by ASERT for ASDNext, provides tips for autistic individuals who may be considering attending college. The resource offers questions to consider when making the decision, and why it's important to consider these questions when choosing a college.

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What are suicidal thoughts?: A social story

This resource developed by ASERT provides a visual explanation of what suicidal thoughts are and what to do if someone is having them.

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