Aspie Relationship?

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Can a person with an Aspergers diagnosis date or be in a relationship? Yes. Despite all the naysayers, the doubts, and uncertainties a person with Aspergers can have a relationship with someone. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for over half a year. Our relationship has been successful because we share many things. We share a sense of humor and an interest in archery, hiking, and video games. Another thing that has helped our relationship is that both of our families have been involved in a few meetings and have given both of us their blessings to continue our relationship.

Finding the right chemistry is critical as in any successful relationship. Find someone who you can connect with and who understands you. My girlfriend is almost my polar opposite personality-wise but we complement each other. More importantly she understands that I’m different from other people; she knows that I act and think differently compared to neurotypical people. She understands that sometimes I need my alone time just to unwind and that I tend to use dry humor, but she quickly picks up on my jokes. She also knows that at times I can be eccentric or conservative in my views and she doesn’t get frustrated or annoyed with me.

While life for an Aspie without a “special other” is certainly possible, it’s not as exciting or enjoyable, albeit more expensive when paying for a meal for two rather than one. If you do find yourself in a relationship with someone the most important thing is communication. The main thing that’s kept my girlfriend and I together is that we tell each other what’s going on in our lives, be it good or bad. When you do get in a relationship it should be with a person you connect to, sometimes in a way that you just can’t explain.


I am a full time worker living in Lancaster, P.A. I’m a co-organizer of a local Aspergers meetup group and am an advocate for people with Aspergers. Some of my hobbies are archery, mounted archery, fanfiction, and reading.

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