App of the Month: White Noise

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Relaxation can be difficult to achieve but the White Noise app can help make it easier. This app allows the user to listen to a variety of sounds for the ultimate comfort in relaxation. Some examples include ocean waves crashing, rain forest sounds, vacuuming and many more.

When you first open the app it allows you to choose the sound you want to listen to and for how long. You can even choose to listen to multiple sounds at once by customizing the settings. The app can also be used as an alarm clock, and has a built in timer as well.

This app can also be helpful for individuals with anxiety in school for test taking. Sometimes just putting on headphones and listening to a soft, calm sound can help you concentrate better and recall more information. This can also help to improve test scores in individuals who suffer from test anxiety or help individuals focus better during lectures in class.

White Noise is a free app that can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety in your life, you owe it to yourself to try White Noise and start experiencing true relaxation and bliss.


Easy to use, free, many different sounds to choose from


May not be for everyone depending on the types of noises they enjoy.


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