Keeping My Apartment Clean

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Living on my own means there’s always something to do in my apartment. Sometimes there is so much to do that I get overwhelmed by the number of things I could be doing right now. At those times I just need to take a moment to slow down and breathe. Freaking out isn’t helping me move forward. I find either looking at a calendar or writing a list to be calming and helpful.
After that I try to go for tasks that are easy but important to do like washing dishes, washing clothes, and sweeping the floor. I give myself a certain amount of time to do it and then I need to move on because I have more things to do. After getting something done I feel better and more confident especially when I mark that it’s done. Accomplishing these tasks and keeping up with the maintenance of my apartment allows me to be independent, giving me a sense of purpose and direction. It feels good to wash the dishes, dry them and then put them away. I also enjoy doing my laundry, knowing that my clothes are clean.
I find it important to keep track of what I’ve accomplished and when I’ve done it because otherwise, I lose track and things get messy.
What time is it and do I have enough time and energy to get more housework finished? I personally find that I need to budget how much energy I have over the course of the day. I always want to have enough energy both physically and mentally to help me get started the next day.
Finding a balance between what I need to do and the energy to do it is an ongoing process for me. I’m constantly fine-tuning this each day. This ongoing daily challenge helps me have a sense of purpose, direction, and control of my life. As always, wishing the best of luck to my readers with their endeavors.

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