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An Autism Poem

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I am an autistic adult
I try to live in this world as best I can
Please try to understand

If I break down and cry, please don’t laugh
I have been through a lot in my life
Bullied, Harassed and teased everyday
For something no doctor could ever explain
My mom continued to fight and tried to see
If there was any doctor who could explain what was wrong with me

One day I met Susan Calhoun
For her it was clear what I had
But she put me through some tests just to be sure
And all the pieces fit together so perfectly
I was diagnosed with Autism it has no cure

Years later I can see
This was not the end for me
This was the beginning of a whole new life
Lots of people have something they wish they could change
But not for me, I wouldn’t want to change who I am
As far as I am concerned I am just fine
I just have a very unique mind