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You’ve probably heard the old saying “Curiosity Killed the Cat”. Well, my zodiac sign is Leo (King of the Cats). Ironic, because I’m a very curious person. Whenever I see something that interests me, I tend to sniff out for a little adventure. I grew up watching movies such as National Treasure, Indiana Jones, and Night at the Museum and my all-time favorite – Titanic! I remember growing up watching/enjoying learning about the past. Possibly because I enjoy reading and learning new things, I’ve always been intrigued by small Fun Facts about the past and one night while watching “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” I was inspired to write this blog about exploring history.


A few months ago, I had the chance to take the train into Philadelphia, PA with my family and a small group of friends – it was an amazing day because I could see many of the places that are featured in one of my favorite movies! I even got to visit and participate in a guided tour of the Masonic Temple and museum where experts patiently answered our questions. We got to learn so many interesting facts about the Freemasons…. several were also founding fathers who even signed the Declaration of Independence. While exploring and learning, I felt like I was in a National Treasure movie having my own adventure. I got my love of history from both my parents but with National Treasure, I really connected with my dad, who is a Mason.


Another time my family took a daytrip to Washington DC and visited the Smithsonian Museum – it was so cool to walk around the same places featured in Night at the Museum!


I know many people may not consider going to a museum to be an adventure, but to be there and visit the masonic temple after growing up watching National Treasure movies, believe me when I say this, you feel as if you’re looking for clues to find a treasure! All that was really missing was a cool chase scene from the bad guys!


Oh – and Spoiler Alert! My dad assures me that there is no map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, and no treasure!


That’s all I have for now!


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